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To  apply for a long term rental property managed by San Carlos Agency, Inc., the process is as simple as three steps:

1. View the Property: Before we process your application, either you or a representative on your behalf (family member, friend, etc.) will need to tour the property. Please call our office to arrange a visit. 

2. Apply Online:  

  • To apply for a rental property, CLICK HERE to view the Rental List on our Long Term Rental website, find the appropriate rental property, and click the "Apply Now" button on the screen.

  • In addition to the rental application, you will also be required to provide a copy of a valid form of identification and proof of monthly income (pay stub, W-2, LES, or the first two pages of your tax return if you are self-employed). You must also be prepared to provide rental and landlord references for at minimum your last two residences.

  • Each adult applicant over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application online. If there is duplicate information such as previous addresses and/or references, you can leave those text prompts blank.


3. Pay the Application Fee: Please submit the NON-REFUNDABLE $25.00 (per applicant) application fee either in person, by mailing in a check, or online through the PayPal below. This fee covers the cost of running a credit report as well as office time to process the application.

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